Daniel Eriksen

"Fucking Awesome" - Steven Van Zandt

"He's got his own style! If he's copying anyone, I haven't heard them" - Eden Brent 

Through dedication, and 20 years of relentless touring all over the world, Daniel Eriksen has built a reputation as a great slide guitarist. His style of dirty Mississippi delta blues, infused with New Orleans rhythms, gospel and boogie, has brought him many fans around the world.

In addition to having studied the old masters of slide, like Blind Willie Johnson and Mississippi Fred McDowell, Eriksen has learned firsthand from modern masters such as Roy Rogers, Bob Brozman and John Mooney. 

Eriksen has shared the stage with fine blues artists such as Lazy Lester, John Mooney, James Harman, Rick Danko, Eden Brent, Grayson Capps, Fiona Boyes, Bill Abel, Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, and opened shows for B.B. King, John Mayall, The Yardbirds and his "mentor" Roy Rogers. 


Narrative Boogie (2017) - Out now!

Moonshine Hymns (2014) - Received the Spellemann Award (Norwegian Grammy)

Grey Goose EP (2012) - Recorded at Sun Studio, Memphis

Muddy Days (2010)

Ya Ya (2006)

New Album Out!
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